Chronic Cough: Important Causes And Treatment Options

Coughing is a natural process that helps our body to release irritants and clear the airways. But, as that cough persists over an extended period, it has more chances in evolving into a constant presence in our everyday routines, it shifts from a momentary inconvenience to a lasting worry. A chronic cough, characterized by its duration of eight weeks or more, has the ability to greatly affect a person’s quality of life. This blog aims to provide detailed information of the key causes of chronic cough and examine the various chronic cough treatments.  

Common Causes of Chronic Cough

Postnasal Drip:


Asthma-related coughing often presents itself without the typical wheezing or shortness of breath. Persistent coughing may be the only symptom, making asthma an elusive culprit.

Allergic Rhinitis  

Allergic Rhinitis with postnasal Drip, a common condition, results in the excessive production of mucus, causing discomfort. Symptoms include throat irritation and coughing. 

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): 

Stomach acid making its way into the esophagus can cause irritation, leading to chronic cough. Identifying and managing GERD is crucial in resolving the associated cough. 

Chronic Bronchitis: 

Chronic bronchitis, a variant of COPD, triggers bronchial tube inflammation, fostering a stubborn cough and persistent mucus secretion. Managing symptoms requires medical attention and lifestyle adjustments, ensuring a better quality of life. 


Chronic cough can stem from lingering respiratory infections, such as bronchitis or pneumonia. Even after the infection is treated, the cough may persist, requiring additional attention.


Some medications, like ACE inhibitors for blood pressure, may cause a persistent cough. It’s crucial to discuss potential alternatives with a healthcare professional to manage blood pressure effectively without the troublesome side effect of chronic coughing. 

Environmental Factors: 

Long-term occupational pollution, smoke, or irritating exposure may cause chronic coughing. It’s essential to identify and reduce these exposures to effectively manage and alleviate the condition. 

Chronic Cough Treatment Options

Chronic Cough Treatment

Addressing Underlying Causes: 

The first step in treating chronic cough is identifying and addressing its root cause. This may involve allergy management, treating GERD, or controlling asthma through medications and lifestyle modifications. 

Chronic Cough Medicines:

Medications may be given to ease symptoms, depending on the root cause. Antihistamines, decongestants, or corticosteroids may be recommended, especially in cases related to allergies or postnasal drip. Consultation with a chronic cough specialist is necessary before starting any medications. 

Lifestyle Modifications: 

Implementing lifestyle adjustments can wield a considerable influence on chronic cough. This entails actions such as quitting smoking, steering clear of secondhand smoke, effectively managing stress, and upholding a healthy weight. 


If a patient is suffering from asthma or chronic bronchitis, then the doctor might suggest using bronchodilators. These medications help widen airways, providing relief from coughing and enhancing respiratory function for individuals dealing with these conditions. 

Throat Medicines and Cough Syrups: 

Over-the-counter remedies offer temporary relief by soothing the throat and suppressing the cough reflex. Caution is advised as they do not address the underlying cause. Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended for persistent or worsening symptoms. 

Pulmonary Rehabilitation:

Individuals with chronic respiratory conditions can find benefit in pulmonary rehabilitation programs. These holistic initiatives integrate exercise, education, and support to enhance lung function and overall well-being, promoting a more comprehensive approach to respiratory health. 


Living with a chronic cough can be tough, but it’s crucial to grasp the challenges. Find comfort in searching possible causes and effective chronic cough treatment. Collaborating closely with chronic cough specialists is pivotal to pinpointing the root cause and devising a tailored, all-encompassing chronic cough treatment regimen. Whether tackling respiratory conditions, adjusting lifestyle elements, or incorporating medications, a personalized strategy is essential in effectively handling chronic cough and reinstating a semblance of normalcy into everyday existence. If you or someone you’re acquainted with is grappling with persistent coughing, then feel free to contact our cough specialist in uae for a thorough evaluation and a targeted treatment strategy. 

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